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Hi All,

I did follow the instructions.

Main Menu>Support>Logs>Share Open
cifs share path : \\hostname\logs\

Map network drive to the share and use appliance admin credentials.
If you would like to retrieve a file that is not on the share, you can copy it to the root of the share using the cp command.


cp filename /log/.LOGROOT

Note: you may need to change the permission on the file in order to copy it off the share:

chmod 755 [filename]



Below is my case where i am unable to see in CIFS, it shows older file and unable to copy due to permission issue.

/home/maintenance # cd /tmp

:/tmp # chmod 777
:/tmp # ls | grep


:/tmp # ls -ltr | grep
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 5186927 Sep 13 22:18

:/tmp # ls -ltr | grep

cp /tmp/ /tmp/

cp /tmp/ /inst/patch/incoming

Main Menu>Support>Logs>Share Open

I don't find in cifs share path : \\hostname\logs\ ( which is /APPLIANCE folder)

I did map to local drive and also there is permission issue copying recently created Datacollect ( yesterday created ), however i don't see the

So to Sum up , there are 2 issues. 

1. Unable to see in CIFS

2. Permission issue ( which i had already set )


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Do you have puTTY installed on your destination? You could just use pscp and bypass the whole CIFS-share thing entirely.

C:\users\me\desktop\> pscp .


Thanks John_Nardello1


Do you have puTTY installed on your destination? 

i see putty is installed in server ( lets say ServerA ) on which i need the datacollect to be downloaded, since i am dealing with appliance. I did check the pscp command after your message and it seems like when connected to appliance from ServerA using putty with elevate access in appliance. 


It does not seems to be working for me or i am doing something incorrect.

:/tmp # pscp
bash: pscp: command not found

What i did try after reading the pscp is


pscp  c:\temp 

bash: pscp: command not found

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@RaviNS, If you have putty installed on your desktop, then pscp should be part of the putty installation.

Run pscp command on your desktop to copy files from the Appliance as per example in @jnardello's post. 

Level 3

Tried from different server to manually Copy and paste to Desktop window. Did pop up security settings . Accepted settings and it worked.