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Database backups take a long time on 5020 appliance after upgrading NetBackup to

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I upgraded NetBackup Master and Media Server from to NB After that we esperienced a problem with Oracle backups pointing to 5020 appliances (FW 1.4.2).

Basically, the acitivity monitor shows a 10/15 minutes delay between the start of backup and the effecive start of writing. It happens for every child job, then the whole backup take a very long time. Before upgrading same backups worked fine. This problem is at random (not all backups are affected, but the most part). 

If I point the backups to tape or a deduplication Media Server, they work fine, then the problem seems related to 5020 appliances.

Is there anybody around with a similar configuration (NB on Master and Media servers, 5020 appliances with FW 1.4.2)?

Thanks and regards.


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It seems to me that no one loves these scraps... sorry ddm2