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Decommission of media server and adding NBU 5230 appliance in place

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Hello, we are planning to decom existing Linux media servers and adding 2 new 5230 appliance in place. Can someone please list out step by step process need to be followed during this refresh? 

Master: Linux -NBU

Existing media servers: Linux - NBU

New appliances- NBU 5230 


Thank you. 






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Have you tried looking at SORT for the step by step?  

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NetBackup has a tool to decomission media servers called nbdecommission. The nice part is it will move media server image ownership to the new media server you specify. Please refer to TECH130438 for insturctions. 

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One thing to keep in mind is that when you introduce the 5230 appliance, ensure you know what version of software is running there and how it matches up to the Linux master. If your master is still, like you say, it won't support 5230's with 2.6.x of any version (you'd need to run a compatible 2.5.x version, and those numbers were a little more difficult to equate).

If you get new 5230's with new appliance versions running (2.6.x), upgrade your Linux master to 7.6.x first (i.e. be prepared to do so).

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Thanks guys for your suggestions. 

@Tomer, master will be upgraded to soon and we heard appliance 2.6 version has too many bugs. 

@chashock, i havent used SORT before, can you guide me. 


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Just think of the appliance as being a new media server so just use nbdecomission to get rid of the old one like you would with any other server - if you have the new appliance in place first this helps so that you can use it as the target for any image ownerships when running the ndecomission command.

2.6 appliances do have bugs (another one was announced today) but it is probably worth getting the Master to first and then re-image your new appiance so that you go straight in at and then deal with any of the bug alerts shown in the late breaking news for NBU and Appliances.

SORT is like a checker web site to help guide you through everything:

Hope this helps