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Disk Pool used Capacity sizes are different between two devices that replicates to one another

In my environment we have to netbackup appliances in to different locations where on replicates to the other. The issue is that all the other metrics match between the two appliances pure disk and Advanced Disk but pure disk disk pool used capacity does not have the same number and it should. Server 22 used pure Disk capactity is 38,318.494.13 MB and the percentage disk pool usage is 75.92, now with server 24 the pureDisk disk pool used capacity is 33,863,213.09 MB and the Percentage of the disk pool used is 67.09 but they both have hav a disk pool usable size of 50,471,198,73.  We contacted netbackup and they did not find any orphan images. now running a images on disk report. 


I also uploaded a copy of the disk pool capacity report,


If Anyone have any useful information I would greatly appreciate it,


Thanks in advance 

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Pls repost your query under

Pls repost your query under the NBU Appliances forum -


...moved to the correct

...moved to the correct forum!

Please run bpimmedia on each

Please run bpimmedia on each pool and compare the result to ensure you've not got more/different content on either appliance/pool.

We had the same situation and

We had the same situation and no explanation. We found some orphaned images and cleared them. But this does not solve the problem since this images was on the appliance with lower usage.

Since upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6 the problem is gone.

If there no orphaned images it could be that there are orphaned Blocks.


So please post.

Netbackup Version

result of images comparsion

dedup rate of both appliances

Regarding to your screenshot you are using AIR. Im right ? Only one appliance as source but both as target. its confusing. Do you have other appliances are involved?