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Disk pool size is different

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Dear Experts,

I am having nbu i gco cluster setup which consists of 4 appliance at 2 at main site and two at dr. All the servers which are on the main site their backup goes to main site appliance ie 5230 and then duplicated to dr site appliance using slp & vice versa. The data size for both the appliance is same. Since last two days i have observed that the appliance on main site is showing the capacity 700 gb less capacity then the dr site. I have checked there are no incomplete slp jobs . compared the images on main site and dr site. the total number of images are same. i have checked on both the appliance there are no pending tlogs entries. Kindly provide an input for the same. 

Netbackup version is :

master server : redhat linux 6.2 

media server appliance  5230: 




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You can confirm the exact number by running crcontrol -dsstat 1 from CLISH.

/usr/openv/pdde/pdcr/bin/crcontrol --dsstat 1

What is the capacity of each appliance at DR and Main site?

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Appliances may have different compaction schedules (different to queue processing) and that's fine.