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[Error] Failed to add backup space for 'med02'. This appliance may not be used for backups.

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I'm trying to add the new storage shelf to the existing media server Appliance but it's throwing an error.

med02.Storage> Resize MSDP 36 TB
- [Info] Performing sanity check on disks and partitions... (5 mins approx)
- [Info] The estimated time to resize the 'MSDP' partition can range from 0 hours, 2 minutes to 0 hours, 18 minutes depending on the system load. The greater the system load the longer it takes to complete the resize operation.
>> Do you want to continue? [yes,no]: yes
- [Info] Expanding the 'MSDP' partition '0'...
- [Info] Updating NetBackup 'MSDP' DiskPool with the partitions...
- [Info] Creating NetBackup DiskPool 'dp_disk_med02' and Storage Unit 'stu_disk_med02'...
- [Error] Failed to add backup space for 'med02'. This appliance may not be used for backups.
- [Error] Failed to create the NetBackup disk pool 'dp_disk_med02' and storage unit 'stu_disk_med02' for 'MSDP' storage.
- [Error] Failed to expand the 'MSDP' DiskPool.

Weird thing is, when I look at Netbackup Console, Appliance GUI and df -h output it shows the storage has been extended. Is there a Netbackup command with parameters to add the disk pool name to extend the partition?

Netbackup Appliance 5230, (I understand it's end of life)

Disk pool name:





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what is the output from show all - in this menu (manage/storage) ?? Did you run scan command there too?

Hi Quebek,

Here's the ouput:


- [Info] Performing sanity check on disks and partitions... (5 mins approx)
Disk ID | Type | Total | Unallocated | Status
5E000000000000000000000000 | Operating System | 930.39 GB | - | n/a
78819FB0001A2921499A8ADCB9 | Base | 4.5429 TB | 0 GB | In Use
B006FD57C61A2921639C18E75A | Expansion | 35.470 TB | 7.4500 GB | In Use
B0091CB4301ED9E94414CD09FF | Expansion | 35.470 TB | 5.4507 TB | In Use

78819FB0001A2921499A8ADCB9 (Base)
Catalog : 1 GB
MSDP : 4.5419 TB

B006FD57C61A2921639C18E75A (Expansion)
Configuration: 25 GB
MSDP : 35.438 TB

B0091CB4301ED9E94414CD09FF (Expansion)
MSDP : 30.019 TB

Partition | Total | Available | Used | %Used | Status
AdvancedDisk | 0 GB | 0 GB | 0 GB | 0 | Not Configured
Configuration | 25 GB | 24.147 GB | 873.05 MB | 4 | Optimal
MSDP | 70 TB | 46.928 TB | 23.071 TB | 33 | Optimal
Unallocated | 5.4579 TB | - | - | - | -

You cannot issue commands for disks with the status 'n/a'.

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So looks like you are willing to shrink this volume.... as MSDP there is about 70TB so why you are trying to make it 36?? is there space available to do so? 

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Also if I may recommend you... Please evacuate the MSDP : 4.5419 TB from base unit as this is against best practices... MSDP should not be layed out on the BASE unit only on expansion....

you need to play with 'move' command in the same menu, ie:

move MSDP 78819FB0001A2921499A8ADCB9 B006FD57C61A2921639C18E75A

but before any movement make sure above is correct... ;)

Sorry the command should've been Resize 70 TB. So, from 30TB+, I extended it to 70TB and that's when I get the error but if we look at the 'Show ALL' output, it shows 70TB. I tested it again and resized to 70.5TB, I got the same error but it managed to resized the partition.

That's actually my next step, move the base to expansion but I wanted to make sure I will be able to write on the new extension.