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Error bptm (pid=210070) Could not open FT Server pipe: pipe open failed (13369361 invalid FAT error)

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Hi all,

could you please discuss here following error messaging displayed in Netbackup Appliance

Error bptm (pid=210070) Could not open FT Server pipe: pipe open failed (13369361 invalid FAT error)

It seems, that FT connection could not be established between master server and client. Deamons responsible for this job mode (nbftsrvr and nbfdrv64) are stopped and having start them manually didnt help. All issues started after updating from 9.1 to and applying recommended EEB patches.

Do you have any suggestions what to troubleshoot next?


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I am not having any FT clients but don't you have to perform some rescan after upgrade? Please review the admin guide for the same.

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Hi quebek !

Thank you so much for your reply. Indeed, the rescan seems to be needed after performing the update. Here, I am puting the link and the extract from Netbackup Appliance Upgrade Guide (

Complete this step only if your backup environment includes SAN client computers.

The Fibre Channel (FC) ports must be re-scanned to allow any SAN client computers to reconnect to the Fibre Transport (FT) devices. The re-scan must be done from the NetBackup CLI view on the appliance.

To re-scan the FC ports:

Enter the following command to see a list of NetBackup user accounts:

Manage > NetBackupCLI > List

Log on to this appliance as one of the listed NetBackup users.

Run the following command to rescan the FC ports:

nbftconfig -rescanallclients

If any SAN clients still do not work, run the following commands on each of those clients in the order as shown:

On UNIX clients:



On Windows clients:



If any SAN clients still do not work, manually initiate a SCSI device refresh at the OS level. The refresh method depends on the operating system of the client. Once the refresh has completed, attempt the nbftconfig -rescanallclients command again.

If any SAN clients still do not work, reboot those clients.

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Glad I could point you in the good direction. So did it work after rescan? 

Hi quebeck,

Before I was able to perform rescann of FC ports, Netbackup decided to failover backup to LAN transport mode, which is not ideal, because it takes much more time. Today, I performed the rescann and I will check, which transport mode is used. Unfortunately, Netbackup prefers using LAN transport mode over Fibre transport. How to force NB to use Fibre transport again? There is default set up under the mode transport options.

No, I was digging through the logs /usr/openv/logs/nbftsrvr and there is something strange:

vnet_cached_get_aliases returned no valid aliases master01

VssGetFQDNHostName found no FQDN, continuing with only given hostname: 55

It is hard to say, which aliases was set up before the upgrade. The master server should rely on IP address



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The nevereding story can continue. Although Netbackup Appliance is succesfully configured for FT mode (SAN ports are active etc.), backup jobs use LAN mode during backups. Now, I would focus on alert in backup job summary saying "awaiting resource stu_disk_KSRMNBU12. FT client has no devices configured". This is something I dont really understand since under SAN Clients (Media and Device Management -> Devices) there are both SAN clients visible and in the Active state