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Exchange 2010 backup fails code 4207


I have a serious problem with Exchange Information Store backup. The last weekend one of the storage log was full, so we had to remove txt log files by hand.

After that, all Incremental backup jobs have failed with status code 4207.

On Monday I sent a full backup job successfully (code status 1, partially copied), but since this weekend till now all incremental jobs have failed.

I've rebooted all services with error status  when I send a vssadmin list writers, I've rebooted the entire server, I've changed the node as passive, I've purged the folder ../veritas/netbackup/temp ,... I always get the same error.

Before start the backup job, VSS runs properly (all services are Stable), but after the backup job finishes some services change their status to Error (Microsoft Exchange Writer and Microsoft Exchange Replica Writer). If I stop/start these services they recover the Stable status, but backup jobs fail again.

The Exchange service works properly, the status of DAG seems well:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup

Name             Member Servers                                      Operational Servers
----             --------------                                      -------------------
Exchange2010     {MBX2E2010, MBX1E2010}

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-MailboxDatabase

Name                           Server          Recovery        ReplicationType
----                           ------          --------        ---------------
DB01                           MBX2E2010       False           Remote
DB03                           MBX2E2010       False           Remote
DB02                           MBX2E2010       False           Remote

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus

Name                                          Status          CopyQueue ReplayQueue LastInspectedLogTime   ContentIndex
                                                              Length    Length                             State
----                                          ------          --------- ----------- --------------------   ------------
DB01\MBX1E2010                                Healthy         0         0           15/07/2015 12:47:27    Healthy
DB03\MBX1E2010                                Healthy         0         1           15/07/2015 12:47:39    Healthy
DB02\MBX1E2010                                Healthy         0         0           15/07/2015 12:47:22    Healthy

My Exchange technical support hasn't found problems in the environment.

I don't know what is happening..

Anyone could help me, please?

I attach bpfis and bpresolver logs with debug level 3, and backup job logs.

Best regards.

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Are there any Windows event

Are there any Windows event log entries regarding MS Exchange consistency check failing?

If the pre-backup consistency check fails, then no backups are possible.

Re: $ grep "<16>"


$ grep "<16>" *

bpfis-071515.log:10:00:51.012 [5928.5716] <16> bpfis main: FTL - snapshot creation failed - SNAPSHOT_NOTIFICATION::SnapshotPrepare failed., status 130

...see this TN re status 130 for snapshot for MS Exchange:

Some other posts re same

Some other posts re same status code: