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Flex Applliance 3.1 - FC port to SAN for VM backup...VMware SAN transport or SAN Client (FTT)

Level 4

Hi !

sorry for my english...

We have a new Flex Appliance 5350 with 2 nodes.  Both have FC ports.  The zoning is done in our brocade and also in our SAN for theses fc ports.  Theses ports are linked (connected) in the SAN, these 2 ports contain LUNs for our vm.  We are using VMWare (ESX).

In the Flex Console, I assigned theses FC port to our media server as "VMware SAN transport".  After a rescan and waiting many minutes, there is not devices detected.
I do another test...I tried to set one of our FC port to "SAN Client (Fibre Transport target) and after assigned again to the media server, all LUNs was discovered.  I'm a little bit confused....
I think it was a no brainer to select VMware SAN transport (initiator) otherwise SAN client.  Someone can tell me more about that ? I haven't found anything on the Veritas site to help me sort this out.