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Force NBSERVER setting in an MSSQL Intelligent policy batch file

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Hello I have a new Netbackup 5250 appliance that is taking backups for a Production and Lab environment.  The Management Interface of the Appliance is configured in the Production environment.  The Appliance has different NICs configured on the Prod and Lab networks for backup payload data.  I have a problem with Lab MSSQL intelligent policies that wants to use the Production Management Interface for backups.  Since the Lab network does not have access to the Prod network, the Lab MSSQL client cannot be backed up using the Management Interface of the Appliance.  I was able to grab the .bch file that is auto-generated on the client to see the NBSERVER setting and it is the Appliance Prod hostname.  So my question is, is it possible to force/override the NBSERVER setting in the autogenerated .bch file for Intelligent MSSQL Policies?

The same client is able to be backed-up in a regular Windows policy since it is using the right hostname of the Appliance.

Example in the auto-generated .bch file:

Instead of, NBSERVER = "Prod5250hostname"  (this is the autogenerated config right now)

I want

NBSERVER = "Lab5250hostname" (same appliance but different network interface)

I could create a DNS entry in the Lab DNS server to point to the IP of the Appliance Lab interface, but I would like to avoid that.

Thank you.



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Try this if it works out,

on your LAB SQL servers , make sure u have Lab5250hostname listed as master server name (first  server entry in registry)

edit local host files  on client to bind the LAB IP to the Lab5250hostname

Hello Azhar4, thank you for the reply.  Yes the right hostname is the first entry in the registry.

I tried the local host file and that fixed the issue. Thank you for the suggestion. But with that solution I have to micro-manage the host files of all the SQL servers.  If I could manage the auto-generated batch file for a specific instance group, that would be better and a single point where to change the config if there is a change in the future.

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I've faced the same problem.

autogenerated batch file uses primary master server name instead of secondary indicated in the Registry.

No real solution found yet?