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Hello, I have a question regarding sybase backup.

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Hello, I have a question regarding sybase backup.

I have completed the backup script.
But a problem arose.

I confirmed that the backup was completed by manually executing the script /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/sybase/sybase_pubs2_backup on the Client Server (Sybase Server).

However, a Policy was created in NetBackup Administration and the script was registered with the Type as Sybas. Manual Backup was performed for testing. When FULL appeared in the Job Schedule, the backup ended with the phrase "1: (0) The requested operation was successfully completed." “Default-Application-Backup” appears and backup should be in progress, but it is not.

Photos 1 and 2 were manually scripted.
Numbers 3, 4, and 5 are Manual Backup

I don't know the cause.
Can you solve my problem?112233445566


Level 6

Hi @kkjoon 

Best option will be to setup debug logging on the client and see what happens there. Either create all the logging directories (there will be a command scriopt in the netbackup logs folder called mklogdir (run as administrator), or just create folders to collect the required information (dbclient, bphdb should be sufficient), set logging to at least 3 on the client, then rerun the backup and see if you can determine why your script doesn't appear to start the backup. 

One thing you can check is that the script sets the required environment variables to enable it to run (this may happen automatically when you log in, but the script running from NetBackup will not have the same).

The script appears to use a file as some kind of input (./sybase_pub2_backup.isql.pub2.DATABASE) using a relative path name. This will almost certainly not be valid when running form NetBackup and should be set as an absolute pathname. 


Level 2

It might work this option:

  1. Policy Configuration:

    • Double-check the policy configuration in NetBackup Administration. Ensure that the schedule, client, and backup selections are set up correctly.
    • Verify that the script path and type are accurately specified in the policy.
  2. Logs and Status:

    • Check the NetBackup logs for more detailed information on the backup job. Look for any error messages or warnings that might indicate the reason for the failure.
    • Use the NetBackup Administration Console to review the status of the backup job. It might provide additional insights into why the backup is not progressing as expected.