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Help needed for moving appliance

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Hello All,


Need your help in transitioning a small project.


This is a small transition project which I thought of taking your help here :

Whats moving

Site A: NB master server + NB Appliance box 5230 (also a media server) is moving to Site C

Site B: NB media server + NB appliance box 5230 (also a media server) is moving to Site D

Site A and C are Production domains

Site B and D are Non production domains here

That’s it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, let me take you back again to what happened and come back. My company won the bidding project or their company lost the bidding what ever we call and my company (Consulting company) got a deal of Million dollars for this project to handle within my company domains.

Means above said 2 servers + 2 appliance boxes should move from their domains and physically move to our Dataceneters and settle down.

That’s it.

Isit it simple for backup parts?

I see here no need to reconfigure things like master server software, media server software and no catalog recovery too as they are straight away getting from Prod domain to Prod domain here (Site A to Site C) and from Non prod domain there to Non prod domain here (Site B to Site D).

Now all I need to take care is physical connections and things I should be upfront in knowing what steps to do before they move from there and rack them up here.

My questions as of now:

They are not allowing us to login to current existing setup and check somethings like how plugged in NIC cards at OS end, how appliance got its physical connectivity and all these things as they are angry as this project is moving or they don’t want to support such project which is going to another consulting company. So, I was asked by my management to list down all those things I needed to ask them in single webex session which is going to happen after few days. So,I need experts help really for below questions.

  • Do we have any docs assisting me in this regard with Veritas already?
  • What are the steps that I should take care before moving from Sites A and B? (like catalog backup and what else)
  • How do I check physical connectivity of NB master server and NB media server? (like I want to know what cables got connected and what cable is being used for what purpose by Netbackup?)

I think ipconfig /all gives us NIC card output. Any better idea and extra commands here?

  • How do I check physical connectivity of NB appliances there? And is there a way that I can check what port is used for what function? Any command like such?
  • I want to know what liceses they are currently using. How do I get that list? Is there any command for it?

This is because we need to procure those licenses also as like they are using and they are so unsupportive that are not telling us licensing also. So, I am figuring out to find myself.

  • The 2 appliances are having replication. So, do I need to take care of any extra things here in knowing something before they move? Like replication ports in rear view of appliance or from network end (in OS end)?


I hope by now you come to know what all the things I am looking for and if you think, you really can help I rquest you please take out your precious and valuable time which helps me. This will also serve as ref doc for many in future I think and for starters in Netbackups, these answers will be GOLD I think as I know that cloudy phase of NB admins when we were asked to work on just Run projects and not on these kind of physicals taking.


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Look mate, let me put your questions into perspective - your outfit won a multi-mil project which requires a few days of professional services. Apologies but my understanding is that this is a technical forum and many of us would be happy to address specific technical issues or questions but I doubt that you get a full plan how to do your job and save your company a few grand. Get on phone and ring your Veritas account manager, they will arrange somebody to help you.

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