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How and where to define data traffic will go through different IP

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I am working on NBU appliance version 2.6.2

we have 2x1 Gig management IP and 2x10 Gig data IP. We have create bond of these.Currently data traffic is running through 1Gig connection. If I want that traffic will run through 10 Gig connection, do I have to create route for it? Please let me know how and where i can define that data traffic will go through another IP?



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Assuming you have different IP's for management and backup interface, You just need to manage the DNS and /etc/hosts entries on Master, Media and Client.

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NBU should've been configured with hostname linked to bonded 10G IP and not the hostname linked to management IP.

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I assume that you have created two bonds, bondA for 2x1Gb, and bondB for 2x10Gb.

Because the appliance has already been configured then the "name" of the appliance has now been hard set, and can no longer be changed.

You need backup traffic to flow via the 10Gb bondB, therefore the "appliance name" needs to be the name/IP on bondB (i.e. 2 x 10Gb).

Sounds like you need to switch IPs between bondA (2x1Gb) and bondB (2x10Gb).  You should be able to do this via the CLIsh.

You may need to work with your network admin team if the addresses for bondA and bondB are in different subnets/VLANs because the LAN switch ports may need tweaking too.

My advice:  Make sure your IPMI is properly working before you do anything else.  i.e. make sure you can actually login to the CLIsh via the IPMI Java based KVM applet.

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kindly suggest because we are stuck in same issue.