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How do I get Smart-Meter data manually in NetBackup Appliance?

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It is necessary to manually upload the NBA Smart-Meter data connected to the network that cannot communicate with the outside.
The Smart-Meter Administrator's Guide has a manual upload procedure for Windows and Linux servers.
However, there is no description of the method for NBA.

Can be obtained by elevating from maintenance mode, but is it possible for end users to do it?



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Maybe this might help:

Performing the initial configuration on a 52xx master server appliance from the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

...see step 12, where it says:

12. Set the role for the appliance to a master server.

From the Main_Menu > Appliance view, run the following command:


Starting with appliance software version 3.1.2, when you select this role you are required to provide a Smart Meter Customer Registration Key. You cannot complete the role configuration until you provide the registration key. To obtain a key, follow the onscreen prompts as described below:

  • Log in to the Veritas Smart Meter site with your VEMS credentials and go the Registration Keys page.

  • The following shares have been opened on this appliance:

    CIFS share \<hostname or ip>\incoming_patches\customer_registration/

    NFS share <hostname or ip>:/inst/patch/incoming/customer_registration/

    Mount one of these share paths.

  • Upload the veritas_customer_registration_key.json file to the mounted share path.

    Once the file is uploaded, you can continue with the appliance role configuration for this Master server.

    If you need assistance, contact Veritas Support.

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Hi sdo,

Sorry for lack of explanation.
It's not about smart meter key registration.
This is a method to send the collected data to Veritas when it cannot connect to the external network.

thank you.

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Hi Hiromasa,

Have you had a look at the Veritas Smart Meter Getting Started Guide: (

The section titled "Manual upload of telemetry information" looks to be what you are after.

Hope this helps,