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How to Upgrade from 2.5.4 to 3.0

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Hi All,

We have netbackup appliance 5220 with running 2.5.4 V. We wanted to upgrade to 3.0 V. Please advise me what are the steps. I just gone through the sort veritas site, but I am unable to capture where to start and end.



Level 6

Check out the upgrade guide for 3.0 and 2.6.  Those should get you the full path you need to take.  You can't get there directly.

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Level 6

Just my $0.02 here but make sure your 5220 has the 96G RAM upgrade and you may not want to upgrade past 2.6 anyway. One of mine still has the original 48G RAM and I made the mistake of upgrading to 2.7 and its constantly generating AffectedBackup.lst of damaged images as well as responding slower than a chunk of granite...

With the pending End-Of-Life of the 5220's, it may be easier to start the replacement/upgrade process for the hardware now and use the newer software on the newer Appliances...unless this Appliance is your Master...


This appliance is very small one. I have only the below available memory.


maintenance-!> free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 24034 21578 2455 0 49 16842
-/+ buffers/cache: 4685 19348
Swap: 32773 0 32773


Also, How can I check the tape library compatiblity with V and 3.0 . We are using IBM tape library and I unable to figure out which driver has been installed now.

This would imply you don't have a storage shelf on this system -- is that correct?

If that is, the RAM upgrade suggested doesn't concern me AS much, but you should still consider it.

Look to the HCL for your library question.  The appliance version aligns to the NetBackup version with 2.x matching to 7.x and 3.x to 8.x.

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Yes Vtas. We dont have storage chef installed . How Can I see the tape drives and driver version at the OS level. What is the command to check in Appliance . Please advise.

I'm not sure I completely understand what you're getting at here, but there is an important point to consider.  When you go above 2.5, the OS changes on the appliance from SLES to RHEL, so driver information on the current system isn't really that helpful for the future system.

As long as the library you have is on the HCL, and is supported with RHEL, you should have no compatibility issues with an appliance post upgrade, and if it's working now, it's highly likely to work on 3.0.  You should not have to install drivers as the OS already has tape drivers installed.

You can see what kind of library/drives you have with Manage>Libraries>List.  

VCS, NBU & Appliances

Ok. Thank you. i got it now. How can I copy the softwares for and 3.0 to appliance directly ?. It is running with 2.5.4 now.

You'll have to upgrade to then to 3.0.  These will be completely separate processes.  You'll open a share, copy the file and begin the installation.  This will take several hours to accomplish given the code version you're currently on.

The steps are outlined in the upgrade guides.  I suggest getting the upgrade guide for and for 3.0 and reading them both thoroughly.  Then follow the steps provided in those docs.

VCS, NBU & Appliances

Hi All,

I have copied the software to share incoming patches , but it is getting failed when I try to install the patch. Please find the below error. Do I need to copy to any other path before I run this command. Please advise

maintenance-!> ls -lrt SYMC_NBAPP_update_ReadinessAnalyzer-3.0.noarch.rpm
-rwxr--r-- 1 admin users 125423 Apr 18 21:50 SYMC_NBAPP_update_ReadinessAnalyzer-3.0.noarch.rpm
You have new mail in /var/mail/root
maintenance-!> pwd

ppshnbup01.Software> Install SYMC_NBAPP_update_ReadinessAnalyzer-3.0.noarch.rpm
- [Error] You must verify that the software update downloaded successfully before you can install it. Use the "List Downloaded" command to perform this validation.
- [Info] The software upgrade has been aborted!



The error message is telling you what you need to do.  Run the command 'List Downloaded' so that the rpm can be validated by the system prior to attempting to run 'Install'.  Are you following the upgrade guide?  These steps are clearly laid out in that guide.

VCS, NBU & Appliances

Yes. I followed the upgrade guide. I ran List downloaded and it is keep on going like below. I am unable to locate the rpm which I look for.


lidating update 'VxMS-14758log.091616_provider' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-14758log.091616_provider has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-20347log.091316_provider' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-20347log.091316_provider has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-13051log.091416_provider' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-13051log.091416_provider has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-9585log.090416_core' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-9585log.090416_core has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-28993log.092216_provider' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-28993log.092216_provider has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-17876log.090916_provider' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-17876log.090916_provider has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-10604log.091616_provider' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-10604log.091616_provider has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-8758log.092216_core' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-8758log.092216_core has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-6348log.091816_core' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-6348log.091816_core has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-5987log.090116_core' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-5987log.090116_core has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-32676log.090916_core' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-32676log.090916_core has an invalid name.
Validating update 'VxMS-16409log.091416_provider' ... failed
- [Error] Update VxMS-16409log.091416_provider has an invalid name.
sh: line 1: 15438 Segmentation fault (core dumped) /bin/rpm -qp /inst/patch/incoming/VxMS-11766log.092116_provider < /tmp/infile_tfjUHc > /tmp/outfile_pJvADs 2> /tmp/errfile_C7GJ72

This looks like a system that isn't able to upgrade to the version you're trying to go to.  Did you do an upgrade to first or are you trying to go straight to 3.0?

VCS, NBU & Appliances

The software I copied to check the readiness of the appliance to upgrade to 3.0 .  SYMC_NBAPP_update_ReadinessAnalyzer-3.0.noarch.rpm . I am getting the error. 

Please ignore, I have read the document says that We can't use analyser check if we run before 2.6.1 V.


The following describes key points about the analyzer tool:

  • The tool can be used only on appliances with software versions 2.6.1 and later. The tool is not compatible with appliances that use software versions and earlier

Yeah, sorry that separate readiness checker doesn't work all the way back to 2.5.4.  You need to upgrade to anyway, so that's where I'd start is getting that upgrade completed first.

VCS, NBU & Appliances