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How to move a base unit storage

Level 4

Hello, I have the follow arrays on my 5220:


Base Unit Storage (unit_1)
Catalog      : 930.38 GB
Deduplication: 3.6343 TB

Expansion Unit Storage (unit_2)
AdvancedDisk :     11 TB
Deduplication: 20.895 TB

Expansion Unit Storage (unit_3)
Deduplication: 35.470 TB


I'm trying to move the Deduplication partition to unit_2 ( move Deduplication unit_1 unit_2) but after the completion, everything remains the same.I though it was due to the 64 TB we had allocated already to Deduplication, but we shrank to 60 TB and tried to move again and failed. Any Ideas? Also I ran an scan from the clish and did not update.


Thank you


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Have you tried adding the size to the end of the command? It may need this although you may need to run it more than once until you get it all moved .. for example:

Move Deduplication unit_1 unit_2 3 TB

and then followed by

Move Deduplication unit_1 unit_2 634 GB (check this value after the first move to see what it now says it is - not sure you can go below GB so will have to see if you can get it all off)