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How to remove VLAN tagging on Flex appliance 5250 IPMI port ?

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A few weeks ago, we pre-configured a VLAN tagging (and IP address) on the IPMI port on our newly purchased 5250 Flex appliance.

After that, we shipped the appliance to our US office.

However, at our US office, the appliance IPMI is connected to a Switch whose ports, by default, are all set to be access mode. As a result, we can't communicate to the IPMI port.

The issue is, we were told that the only way to remove the VLAN tagging on the IPMI port is to do so from its web console. But, since the web console is not accessible, so we would have to ask our network team for help, e.g. changing the Switch port from access to trunk...

However, before troubling our network team, I'm just wondering if there is another way to remove this VLAN tagging on the IPMI port remotely ?

For example, the manual says we can remove the VLAN tagging from SSH into eth0/host0 port.

So, I tried to remote SSH connect to the eth0/host0 port, the connection was OK, but what I got is not the same as what the manual (about how to configure the IPMI by using the eth0 port) says, i.e. I didn't get the Main_Menu > Support view prompt...

The below is what I got by SSH connecting to the eth0/host0 port:




Could somebody tell me what I've done wrong ?





Level 6

Hi @KelvinHBLi 

Your best bet is to log a support case to get assistance. 

What you are doing wrong initially is you are looking at the NetBackup appliance commands and you have a Flex. There is no IPMI related commands in the Flex shell, but there may be if you drop down to an elevated prompt
> support elevate

I'm not familiar enough with the 5250 to be able to guide you further to update the IPMI settings (or even if it is possible). 

Another possible option would be to configure a laptop with the same VLAN/network settings and direct attached and try to connect to the IPMI UI that way.

Good luck