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How to verify that HP-UX support 256K size buffers SAN Client


Hello, I am implementing SAN client for a HP-UX server.  I have read Netbackup 7.6 Blueprints for SAN Client so there is recommended to be sure that the HBAs and their drivers must support 256K size buffers for data transfer.


I am working on HP-UX client so I would like to know if somebody knows how to validate that information.






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Perhaps to test is a good

Perhaps to test is a good way?  If you know that you already have SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS at 256KB, then try a backup and a restore of a file larger than 256KB - and if teh files compare ok after a restore then it must be ok.

Do you know your current SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS value?  Do you know that it is not 256KB already?  Are you asking because you want to implement SAN Client?  Or is SAN Client already in use, and so is your question more of a scoping question for future/soon implementation?

Hello, Today We have a Media



Today We have a Media server running backus. It is going to be decommissed as a media server so we need to convert it as a SAN Client. So I need to be sure that the HBA supports the suggestion on the blueprints for SAN Client.



Hello Blanco, you will find

Hello Blanco,

you will find the information at the following technote. You have to read it carefully as san client is a kind of special configuration.


Backups using the SAN Client feature fail and report status 83 in the job details.  Backups using the LAN instead of the SAN will be successful.


SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS must be a multiple of 1024 with a value from 65536 to 524288. SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_FT can be used for overriding SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS for San Client backups. For a Fibre Transport media server, the recommendation is not to exceed 262144 for SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_FT. etc ...............


check also NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS  as this overides the configuration for san, you need to explicit make sure to use a NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_FT file and the parameters are also important.

For a Fibre Transport media server, the recommendation is not to exceed 16.

Otherwise it will fail.

best regards,


Hello everybody, Thanks a

Hello everybody,


Thanks a alot,


I have configured SAN Client backups for an Oracle Database running on the Netbackup Appliance 5230 with Deduplication enabled.   The size of the DB is about the 50TB.

I have run Oracle backups over 10GB connection and the performance was arround 2GB per second using 10channels.


This time I am running Oracle Backups over FT San Client at 8GB with 28 Channels, so the performance is about 218 MB per second.

Are there any other parameter that can be setted up in order to write more info?  I mean The Number Buffer FT is 16 (default) and the BufferSizeFT is 265k.