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How to zone Vmware Datastore LUN to Backup Host

Dear Experts

Master Server : Windows

Media Server ( acting as appliance 5230 as well) : Linux

Storage : Hitachi HUS Array

Vmware backup failing with status 23 ( policy set to use SAN transport mode). I have gone through few good articles  , but I can't find how to zone Vmware datastore LUN to Backup host /Appliance.

In the environment only backups working which are on datastore_01, but other datastores like 02 - 05 won't work , failed with status 23.

When I go on CLISH , Manage > FibreChannel > Show ,  I only see Device path and ID for datastore_01 only, so that tells me Datastore 02 - 05 must added here somehow, but how and from where , that is my question.

In one of the article I read, below statement

" Not just zoning the volumes to the appliance you need to add mapping for the volumes so that the actual datastore volumes are seen by the appliance "

But how to do , what command, and from where need to do ?


Please advise solution....

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Sounds like you, or your

Sounds like you, or your friendly neighbourhood storage adminstrator, need to use the HDS HUS "Storage Navigator" administration console to also present the other LUNs (which are used as VMFS datastores) to the backup host (i.e. the 5230 appliance).

It would seem (on scant detail) that because one of the LUNs already appears to be working for SAN based transport of VADP backups, that you shouldn't need any additional zoning... but this all depends upon "load" and "topology".  Additional zoning may be required if you want to balance, or make resilient, the connectivity/mapping/IO between the storage array and the backup appliance.

Re: How to zone Vmware Datastore LUN to Backup Host

But 5230 appliance does not appear in HDS Storage Navigator, how can we present.

Re: How to zone Vmware Datastore LUN to Backup Host

Well you said that SAN transport based backup work from one of the VMFS datastore LUNs... therefore... clearly that LUN has to be presented already.  If you cannot see that LUN as having been presented, then there's obviously a disparity between your description of the configuration and the actual implementation of the configuration.

I think you need to look at the HDS documentation regarding how to present additional LUNs, or go back to the original configuration implementors and seek their advice, maybe?