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I have a question regarding lto robot.

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If the left magazine of the LTO equipment currently in use is old and a large amount of TAPE is loaded, machine errors continue to occur.

* Currently LTO equipment is loaded with 40 TAPEs.

Accordingly, I wonder if there is a priority setting for the right magazine in the LTO equipment when backing up TAPE.

Or is there a setting to stop the left magazine slots?

* lto model : TS3200



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You can't tell NBU to stop using left hand side magazines in tape library, but what you could actually do is:

  • move these tapes from slots - belonging to left side - to newly created volume pool, ie. LEFT_SIDE - if these are in unassigned state


  • suspend these in left hand side if are assigned ones, or even freeze.

If robot is having issues with pulling out and putting back tapes there - I would have open a case with vendor maintaining it or if it is out of warranty - do a physical clean up of its leds, magazines positioning plastics etc - if you never done it - ask 3rd party vendor. this applies if your tape library interior is dusty.


Have you logged onto the tape library GUI to see what the library looks like and any errors that it may be logging? You can also move tapes around from the Web interface for the tape library. You can also use the NetBackup "robtest" to check on the library inventory as well as move tapes around via robtest. The library gui can be beneficial to you at times to help you determine a true status of what the library is reporting back to NetBackup. The TS3200 has enough "smarts" built into the firmware to manage what resources it has inside the library doors. It will have trouble managing resources inside the library if someone over-loads the library with tapes. Case in point being, if there's 24 slots in the library, then only load 20 tapes and leave for for library self management as necessary or for use for restore tapes when needed. Just tossing out some things to think over.