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Is the front face plate on your 5000/5020/5200 falling off?

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So wanted to share a bit of information on something that I've noticed a lot of our customers having a hard time with.  When you use the standard mounting screws on the front of the 5000/5020/5200 appliances, you will have a hard time (darn near impossible) keepig the front face plate on.  What is not very clear is that in the pink accessories bag there is a smaller pink bag of 4-5 very similar screws except for the fact that they are substantially thinner (lower profile) across the head of the screw.  These thinner screws will allow the clearance necessary to let the face plate contact the pins that the face plate connects onto (the pins that go where the handles were before you took them off and put the pins in the top hole of the handle screws).

Hope this helps for those who have had difficulty getting their appliances looking like something someone actually wants to see in a rack.  :)

If anyone needs any further clarification, please just post on this thread.





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The answer to your question is technically "NO", the front plate on our 5200 is not falling off.  But that's because we tried and were unable to get it attached in the first place !!  It's in my office, with a couple busted plastic bits.

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I tried those screws and they were not long enough (or maybe they did not have the right thread) to do the job

The entire racking kit and total lack of decent instructions is pretty poor

I have however solved the faceplate issue - even with larger screws ...

Inside the face plate at each end is the spring clips that hold onto the pegs - these are a little too far apart so do not grip correctly ... simply use a small screwdriver or similar to squeeze them closer together (keeping the small gap central) and hey prosto! they grip enough to stay on

Hope this helps