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MSDP 5240 Getting full

Level 1

Dear All,

We are using MSDP 5240 appliance with version. Recently its noted that its reaching almost 95% usage. When i run query on catalog i see  i have last one month images it. as per our policy. I am confused as to whats eatiing up the storage. 

How to find out which client is occupying how much space on MSDP post deduplicaiton ? that way i can look up the backups of those clients and expire some images. We have OpsCenter but  i dont see a report that can help with this info.


Pl assist. 




Level 6

Hi @ayaz 

If you are sure that what you think you have stored in the pool is less than what the disk pool capacity is showing there are some possibilities.

  1. You have orphaned images (this can happen if one or other of the NetBackup servers crash or rebooted and so images are removed from the NetBackup catalog but remain in the MSDP catalog. There is a tool available via support to address this – log a support call and go from there (it is not something I would recommend you do yourself unless you are really sure of what you are doing).
  2. Your source data has been comprised/changed (e.g., encrypted as part of a ransomware attack and so the expected deduplication rate goes out the door). If this is the case, you need to look for good backups (I hope this isn’t your situation).
  3. The data has grown unexpectedly (has someone dumped some large files recently for instance).

For 2 & 3 if you have anomaly detection enabled, use the WebUI to see if any alerts/warnings have been triggered.

For 1 depending on your level of skill you should be able to query the NetBackup catalog to determine the raw size of the backups in MSDP (pre-deduplication). Basically, you need the sum of the size of all backups that are using the MSDP for storage.

You are also able to see the raw size of the data stored in MSDP using the crstats command (/usr/openv/pdde/pdcr/bin/crstats --convert-size --log-quiet). One of the values returned is the “Catalog Logical Size” which is the pre-deduplicated size of what is in the MSDP catalog. If these two values differ by a lot, then the scenario 1 (orphaned images) is probably the cause.

I would suggest though that opening a support case would be a good place to start.