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MSDP script help - where the duplication rate

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From the appliance splash screen of any appliace there is a duplication ratio. One of hours is showing 92.34% - thats excellent.

The MSDP report shows great information incuding - Total Capacity(MB), Used Space (MB), Free Space (MB)

Please does anyone have a script that pulls the duplication ratio of the MSDPs, it must be somewhere in the schema but I just cant find it.






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You can view the Deduplication rate in the NetBackup Admin Console:

To view the global MSDP deduplication ratio

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand Media and Device Management > Credentials > Storage Server
  2. Select the deduplication storage server.
  3. On the Edit menu, select Change.
  4. In the Change Storage Server dialog box, select the Properties tab. The Deduplication Ratio field displays the ratio.

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Same information as @Marianne did point you to, can be gathered from CLI by running below:

nbdevconfig -getconfig -stype PureDisk -storage_server STORAGE_SERVER_NAME -U

example outcome from above:

Configuration Item: "storagepath" = "/msdp/data/dp1/pdvol" [string] readonly
Description: "Storage Path"

Configuration Item: "spalogpath" = "/msdp/data/dp1/pdvol/log" [string] readonly
Description: "Storage Pool Log Path"

Configuration Item: "dbpath" = "/msdp/cat" [string] readonly
Description: "Database Path"

Configuration Item: "required_interface" = "" [string] readonly
Description: "Required Interface"

Configuration Item: "spalogretention" = "7" [int]
Description: "Storage Pool Log Retention"

Configuration Item: "verboselevel" = "3" [int]
Description: "Storage Pool Verbose Level (Range 0 - 5)"

Configuration Item: "replication_target(s)" = "none" [string] readonly
Description: "Replication Target(s)"

Configuration Item: "Storage Pool Raw Size" = "70.8TB" [string] readonly
Description: "Storage Pool Raw Size"

Configuration Item: "Storage Pool Reserved Space" = "4.3TB" [string] readonly
Description: "Storage Pool Reserved Space"

Configuration Item: "Storage Pool Size" = "66.6TB" [string] readonly
Description: "Storage Pool Size"

Configuration Item: "Storage Pool Used Space" = "55.1TB" [string] readonly
Description: "Storage Pool Used Space"

Configuration Item: "Storage Pool Available Space" = "11.5TB" [string] readonly
Description: "Storage Pool Available Space"

Configuration Item: "Catalog Logical Size" = "509.5TB" [string] readonly
Description: "Catalog Logical Size"

Configuration Item: "Catalog files Count" = "160697" [string] readonly
Description: "Catalog files Count"

Configuration Item: "Deduplication Ratio" = "9.3" [string] readonly
Description: "Deduplication Ratio"


By running following you can get some other information:

nbdevquery -listdv -stype PureDisk -U
Disk Pool Name : dp_disk_storage_server
Disk Type : PureDisk
Disk Volume Name : PureDiskVolume
Disk Media ID : @aaaas
Total Capacity (GB) : 68157.02
Free Space (GB) : 11762.34
Use% : 82
Status : UP
Flag : ReadOnWrite
Flag : AdminUp
Flag : InternalUp
Flag : ReplicationTarget
Num Read Mounts : 0
Num Write Mounts : 1
Cur Read Streams : 0
Cur Write Streams : 0
Num Repl Sources : 1
Num Repl Targets : 0
Replication Source :