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Multi-stream large DB from NBU5340 to tape

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Hi guys,

Is known that NBU doesnt support multistream during duplication image or images from disk to tape. Multi-plex protection is supported from tape/virtual tape to tape/virtual tape. I can optimize the process of duplication by setting of buffers, tape resources in policy, timing, use manual script bpduplicate where I will start  more duplication processes for selected images - therefore  I can sent to more tapes. But

I have 12x LTO8 connected to NBU 5340 (the higher model with more as 960TB)

I have one Oracle DB 100TB.  

I need to sent this Oracle DB 100TB (one image, more fragments) as copy multi-stream to 12xLTO8 ? I cannot use directly backup to tapes, therefore standard rman or copilot merge will used for backup to NBU5340.  The duplication of the backup must be quickly from 5340 to 12xLTO8 tapes :) . I have some idea which was tested in my labs, but I 'd like discuss posible better solution.               


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Indeed interesting idea. I am facing similar problem but in regards of a VM - 12TB in size and during duplication to tape only one tape drive is being used. I was thinking how to force NBU to use other drive - but since duplication is per image based level I could not figure out how to force it to happen...

Sadly I have no lab in my env ;(