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NetBackup 5250 Appliances

Level 3

Which Cables/Transceivers is compatible with NBU 5250 for connecting with  10GbE Ethernet switch.


Level 6

Are you asking about DAC cables?  The 10GbE cards come with transceivers for optical cabling.  

Any TwinAx/DAC cable rated for 10GbE will work - note that it will NOT work to get to 25GbE, which those cards are capable of supporting.  It requires a 25GbE DAC to achieve that.

This page lists specification-compliant DAC cables that will work, though there is no official HCL for cables.  

VCS, NBU & Appliances

The switch end the port is 10-Base T Module.

So how can we connect NBU 5250 10/25GBE port in to the switch.

Is there any module available like FCLF8522P2BTL to connect RJ 45 CAD 6 (10GbE Speed)Connector in applicance end,then we can use CAD6 cable to connect to switch.

I am checking that those will work in the NICs the 5250 uses.  I'm pretty sure they will, but I haven't personally tested it.  That would only provide you 1GbE, however, not 10GbE, just to be clear.

VCS, NBU & Appliances