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NetBackup Clear down storage.

Hi All,


I am in need of some assistance with out NetBackup Applicance.


Our Deduplication Disk has ran out of space and not entirely sure how to get this fixed to clear up some space.


I am very new to the NetBackup Appliance and have read the following article:


When I login to the appliance I start with the following Command Line.



Where do I go from here to find the directory listed in the above article as I can only go through the options listed ie:




Manage etc etc.


Thanks for the help !



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Re: NetBackup Clear down storage.


by default in appliance you will login into CLI mode ie

Appliance  Manage master and media appliances.
Exit       Log out and exit from the current shell.
Manage     Manage NetBackup appliance.
Monitor    Monitor NetBackup appliance activities.
Network    Network Administration.
Reports    Examine the running and historical state of the host.
Settings   Change NetBackup appliance settings.
Shell      Shell operations.
Support    NetBackup Support.

but if you want to goto command line you can do this:

Main_Menu> Support --> maintenance --> elevate --> "command line"

**maintenece password is same as admin password


Re: NetBackup Clear down storage.

Hi Shaf,

Thank you thats worked.


Now, how do I find out what caused this Netbackup 5220 Appliance PureDisk to become full.

What steps can I take to reduce the size of the Disk?

Its a 31.56 TB Disk thats stating its at 100%.

I have looked at several articles whithout much luck.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Re: NetBackup Clear down storage.

The main technote of reclaiming diskspace in MSDP is:

Note: That technote was created some time back, if you're using newer version of NBU appliance (such as 2.6.x or above) you won't need to manually run "process the transaction queue" and "garbage collection" that many times because it has been improved quite a lot. Once you manually expire a substantial amount of images, you should start seeing space being cleaned up over a day or two. Deduplication concept/technology makes it unlikely to see the diskspace cleanup immediately after image expiration.