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NetBackup Licence

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The Net Backup license model was changed to the subscription license model. I want to buy a new Net backup software and hardware. But I want to be sure. What kind of restriction will be the software that I bought with the subscription license model, when the rental period ends. Will I be able to get new backups and return them at the end of the rental period? Or will I not be able to get new backups at the end of the rental period? I can only give restore.



Will we be able to make new backups and restore? Or will we only have the right to return existing backups? Can't we get new backups?


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Hi @sedatdrkn 

You should really have this discussion with your partner or account team, but here's my understanding. 

Currently, the licensing strings have not changed, so although by the terms of the subscription license you are no longer entitled to use the software, there is nothing preventing this. Veritas has traditionally used an honour system with our customers around licensing.

There has been talk about moving NetBackup to a different licencing method which could prevent use of the software once the license period ends (what this means in the ability to backup or restore once a license expires, I don't know). 

Hope this helps.

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thank you for your reply.

I wonder what will happen when it expires.

I will sign an agreement with a usage period of 5 years. But what will happen when this time is up? Backup and restore process?


Hi @sedatdrkn 

What will happen is this - sometime before the 5 years is up, you should be contacted (or your organisation) by Veritas/partner and asked whether you wish to continue to subscribe to NetBackup for a further period (you will have the option of the duration). If you choose at that stage to not continue the subscription, then as per the product use rights agreement, if You are no longer licensed to use the Licensed Software under a current subscription or term-based license, then You may use the Licensed Software without a current license for twelve (12) months following expiration of the subscription, for the sole purpose of restoring data backed up by the Licensed Software prior to expiration of the subscription. Any such use shall be consistent with the terms of the License Agreement and this Document. No maintenance/support will be provided for the Licensed Software for such restoration use. (

As for whether it will continue to operate, that far out I am unable to comment. A lot I believe will depend on the NetBackup version you upgrade to along the way and how licensing is changed (if at all) with the newer versions. 

If you remain on a current version for 5 years (not really a good idea), then after 5 years I believe NetBackup will continue to operate as it does now, but if you don't maintain support and continue to use the software for backup, then I believe you would be breaching the license agreement for the software. 

Note that all my responses are my opinion only based on what I understand. Your Veritas account team (or Veritas partner) can provide a definitive answer for you.  



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thank you for your reply

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As far as my understanding is If subscription was expired , you can still continue to use the product but unable to open ticket with veritas and product update will not be available