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Netbackup 5230 appliance logical capacity

I'm thinking about getting a 5230 appliance with 40TB config to replace the traditional tapes.   Does anybody know the logical capacity of the appliance?  My weekly full backup size is about 15TB with online retention requirement of at least a month.  The data is the typical stuff (Exchange, SQL, app...etc).  Can this apliance/config support it?   I'll use the replication feature too.  Please share your experiance based on your data size.   


Also,  5230 product line was released in May 2013 - almost two years old.  Does Symantec has new product/update in the near future?  5330 was just announced but it's too big for me, plus it can only be a media server.   Thanks!

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5230 40TB ......whether its

5230 40TB ......whether its sufficient or not is something you should check with your partner from symantec or should contact symantec SE who can confirm you whether capacity would suffice your present need as well how soon would you need to add up more shelves. 

NBU with appliance benefits alot with built in wan optimizer which helps during AIR between sites. and DeDuplication does gives savings hence adding more application is likely case thus requires additional capacity as well.


Better plan your strategy and retention before you end up short of capacity.