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Netbackup 9.1 vault Management Auto Eject Issue

Level 4

I am writing to ask for help.
netbakcup configuration: nbumaster-----nbudr----Tape (TS3200)
I am backing up to tape with the above configuration.
There is nothing wrong with getting a backup.
However, an issue occurred in Eject.
The current schedule is backed up to one tape once a day, and the completion time is 10 am. And the schedule was set to Eject with Vault Management at 1:00 PM. So, I remove the tape once a day and add a new one. On Saturday and Sunday, Eject was completed without any problem. However, there was no problem with the backup on Monday. Eject started at 1:00 PM and was not completed even after waiting for over 3 hours. Looking at the job details, I don't know what the problem is. For reference, TS3200 can have up to 3 I/O stations. What I expected today is that there should be 3 tapes in the I/O Station. I can't confirm what the problem is even if I check the log below.In the end, I canceled the job and ejected manually.