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Netbackup AIR compatibility

I have source appliance running NetBackup appliance version 3.1.1 (NB 8.1.1) and destination appliance running 3.2 (8.2). I have tested replication and seems to be working fine.

But is this supported ? I was trying to find out if there is a requirement for the source to be at same or higher version of destination appliance... is this not the case any more ?


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Re: Netbackup AIR compatibility


Replication between different versions is supported, subject to basic image compatibility.

Here is the NBU 8 manual where specific versions are mentioned as example:

Newer manual:

The ability to perform Auto Image Replication between different versions of NetBackup does not overrule the basic image compatibility rules. For example, a database backup that was taken in one NetBackup domain can be replicated to a NetBackup domain of an earlier version. However, the older server may not be able to successfully restore from the newer image.

Re: Netbackup AIR compatibility

I always preffer / recommend to have higher version on destination appliance.

Re: Netbackup AIR compatibility

Same here.  Best practice is to update the target site, as image backwards compatibility is always provided but forward compatibility is not, in those cases where changes are made.  In the case of bi-directional replication, I generally recommend the "less-busy" side of the equation is upgraded first and the other side is done as quickly thereafter as is possible.

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Re: Netbackup AIR compatibility

I KNEW there was a reason upgrading the destination first was the best practice and I just found it again. Man that was bugging me. =) 

"Successful Auto Image Replication (AIR) of Bare Metal Restore (BMR) information
requires two things. First, the master server in the target domain must have BMR
enabled. Second, the master server in the target domain must be at the same or
higher version of NetBackup than any clients that send BMR information. "
NetBackup Upgrade Guide v9.0, page 31. 

For your amusement though the linked doc ( isn't available anymore. heh.