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Netbackup Appliance Mail Issues FIXED

The Mail Issues that everyone is having with netbackup appliance is fixed in, but breaks the email fix.

Has anyone else experience this

Has stated in their release notes


SMTP server settings for appliance notifications

Starting with NetBackup Appliance, all email notifications that get generated

by the appliance use the same SMTP settings. These emails include hardware

monitoring notifications and NetBackup job notifications. The configuration settings

are located under Settings > Notification > Alert Configuration in the NetBackup

Appliance Web Console or Main_Menu > Settings > Alerts in the NetBackup

Appliance Shell Menu. These settings override any previous SMTP setup you may

have previously used to send NetBackup job notifications.

Note: If you had already configured the appliance SMTP settings before you

upgraded to NetBackup Appliance, you may need to re-save the configuration

in order for NetBackup to use it. In the NetBackup Appliance Web Console, go to

Settings > Notification > Alert Configuration and click Save. Or in the NetBackup

Appliance Shell Menu, go to Main_Menu > Settings > Alerts and resubmit the

SMTP and SenderID settings.