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Netbackup Appliance 5230 - /disk: Input/output error


Good day! 

Need someone to point me to the right direction please.

We've been using the appliance for almost two months now and it has recently been encountering mount issues with a specific volume.

This volume contains all our backup data and my fear is that if it becomes corrupted then I would lose critical data.

error: df: `/disk': Input/output error

what is the best way to protect this data?

can i do a tape backup for the contents of the filesystem? what is that process called? or is there any alternative?

thanks in advance.


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You can't move the data if

You can't move the data if the volume can't be mounted.

The error you mentioned does not necessary mean data is lost - but does indicate the OS has trouble accessing the volume. Possible hardware error - are any error LED on ?

Page 17 provides information about status LED's.

You should log a support case with Symantec.


Hi,   First, open a support



First, open a support case immediately.

Then proceed with your idea to backup the backed up data. If its accessible.....

Shutdown the media server processes and back it up to another media server and tape.

Or if you don't have any other media servers, leave the media server processes up but stop spoold/spad so that nothing is going on with the dedupe disk, then back it up as a client.

If there is something seriously wrong support would want the backup of /disk /advdisk /catalog



Thanks for your replies. I

Thanks for your replies.

I can actually mount the /disk every after reboot of the system and then it dismounts after a while.

My appliance is the master/media server and doesn't have any other media servers conencted to it.

All LEDs are normal as well.

already filed a case also.



Phone in and get your case

Phone in and get your case escalated to SEV 1.

I will move this post to the Appliance Forum

thank you Marianne.  will

thank you Marianne. 

will update with results from tech later.

Is your mount nfs, or cifs.  

Is your mount nfs, or cifs.   Guessing you are using a off appliance disk for your backup storage. 



If you haven't yet opened

If you haven't yet opened your support call, please do.

I would recommend your technician get Storage Foundation on the line to bring the disk group back correctly as well as run the proper file check before remounting.