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Netbackup Appliance 5230 eth0 (management port)

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Hello all,

We are trying to use Netbackup Appliance 5230 eth0 (management port) for backup purposes as for additional to existing eth1,eth2 and eth3 for backup (IP 192.168.100.xx).

Eth1,eth2 and eth3 were bonded with 802.3ad mode (named bond0) which is the main connection for backup. As for the eth0 will be used to backup 1 client with different IP segment from the bond0

As soon as we configured the eth0 with IP (10.10.100.xx) for backup purpose, bond0 connot be "ping" from other IP segments such as 10.10.50.xx and 10.10.90.xx.

My question, is eth0 allowed to be used for backup purposes?

Thank you



Hi Tarmizi,

You don't say what version of NetBackup you have on your appliance.  From version onwards it has been possible to configure eth0, although you need to use the CLISH.  You also can't reconfigure it at the initial configuration of the appliance, but in your case you already have a configured appliance - so not an issue.

If you do a search in the forum for eth0 and 5230, you'll come up with a number of hits, but here is a thread I was involved about 6 months ago which is very similar to what you are after:

PS:  Note the above link references using eth0 in a bond, but the principle is the same.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Tarmazi !

The use eth0 is like System_team said possible.

I Think you should check or post the output of

   netstat -nr and

   ifconfig -a (or ip addr show)

from  your appliance and from the host you try to ping bond0.

May you have a or network