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Netbackup Appliance Administration

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This is a pretty baasci question, I just want to make sure I am doing this right. I am new to Netbackup appliances. I have a Netbackup 5230 appliance that is setup as the master server, and another one that will be at a different site, also server as a separate master server. Is the best way to administer the jobs policies to use Remote Admin Console on an admin server/machine?


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The best way to administer the jobs and policies is to use the Admin Console.  Install the windows client onto your system,  then download the java console (admin console) to administer everything.

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You could try administering NetBackup on the appliance using the 'bpadm' character cell terminal interface via a PuTTY/ssh session - but this would might be tough for someone new to NetBackup.  So, most poeple opt to install an 'Admin Console'.

On a Windows based management server you have a couple of options.

1) Use the same version of NetBackup Java Admin Console for Windows to administer same version of NetBackup on an appliance.  BTW, you do not need to also NetBackup Client for WIndows on this admin host, if you do not want to backup this admin host.

2) Up to and including NetBackup v7.6.1.x, you could use (an also matching version) of the native Windows Admin Console (which automatically also installs NetBackup Client), but this special type of NetBackup Server software kit will be deprecated in the next major version of NetBackup (mooted as v7.7) later this year - so my advice would be to stick with the Java based Windows Admin Console.


If you have an RHEL server for example, you could use that, and install NetBackup Client for RHEL, which will include a program called 'jnbSA' which is the Linux variant of the NetBackup Java Admin Console.