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Netbackup Appliance MSDP Universal Shares no deduplication ?

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I did a test of MSDP Universal Shares. I injected files with the same content into MSDP shared through CIFS three times, but found that it didn't store deduplicated data as claimed in the official document. Why?






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I think you are looking at this from wrong angle... This is only quota used - so what was written to this CIFS share.

On the backend I think the data was really deduplicated - but it will be hard to check if there are other things already being stored.... Nonetheless you can take some numbers from storage server, create there new folder and copy this data again to newly created folder - than take again the same numbers from storage server.... use this command to get these numbers:

nbdevconfig -getconfig -stype PureDisk -storage_server storage_servername

save its outcome

do that folder and copy data run it again and compare...

V7.5 "Storage Pool Raw Size" 
V7.5 "Storage Pool Reserved Space"
V7.5 "Storage Pool Size" 
V7.5 "Storage Pool Used Space"
V7.5 "Storage Pool Available Space"
V7.5 "Catalog Logical Size" 
V7.5 "Catalog files Count" 
V7.5 "Deduplication Ratio" 


but again, if you do store anything else there, these 19GB will not make any difference.

  quebek,thank you for your reply !                                                                                                                                       I did the test again and the deduplication rate was very good for the injected general files. But,If you use universal share as the target storage for  Veritas system recovery。 You will see that there is no deduplication for backup recovery points (*.v2i), and the same is true for similar disc image files (*.iso).