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Netbackup and Netbackup software

Level 3

With the new licensing model for NBU Appliances, Veritas is splitting the appliance to two SKUs: one SKU is for the hardware and one SKU is for the Appliance software. The appliance software quantity must match the appliance capacity (eg. If you have a 75TB appliance you need 75TB of Appliance software). The appliance software is different from NBU software license (FETB).

The NBU Software (NBU Platform Base Complete Ed…) is still needed to be able to protect your data and this is different from Appliance software.

Here my Question is why Veritas split the one sku in to two, what is the use of appliance software, is there any advantage( if yes please clarify) and also how does before appliance and nbu software  is worked and now appliance, appliance software and NBU License will  worked. 



Level 4


I believe this is because you can continue to receive support for NetBackup software (assuming you're on a supported version) even if the hardware itself has gone EoSL or is otherwise out of support.