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Netbackup appliance Expansion unit not detected

Level 3
Partner Accredited

We have just insatalled a 100 TB 5230 appliance and we are facing a severe  issue.


our appliacne is showing only the base unit storage .

no expension unit storage is visisble we have 3 expansion unit

our appliance version is 2.7.2

we have powered on shelves first one by one all the lights on SAS cables and front sides are green and disks lights are blue stable

when we start the appliance it took 30 mins to boot up and manage>storage>show all sows only base unit disks.

we have logge dthe case with symantec and for past 3 days they are only asking to shutdown wait and restart the appliacne in sequence.they have snet the helping hands NCR as well but he laso just did the same.


hardware test is not showing any failure. No amber light anywhere.(base unit & expansion unit) we have checked the cacles as wels and both appliacne sas canles are going into IN of first shelf the out of first shelf going to IN of second and so on


We are thinking the raid controller is not able to configure the shelf drives as no green light on drives of expansion shelf.Already shared teh data collector several times with the engineer.


We are stuck and annoyed so far.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Level 3

Sounds like you may have in issue with the RAID card ir Riser. If you run a data collect and look inside the generated bundle for a file with a name beginning Raid-Card-FW-Term-Log.

Open this file and check how many controllers you see, there should be three, look for "Information on controller" and there should be 0,1,2.