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Netbackup ports for communication and Data transfer

Level 4

Dear Experts,

From below ports, Which ports are used for communication and which are used for data transfer


Master Server Media serverTCP/1556
Master Server Client TCP/1556
Master Server Java ServerTCP/1556
Master Server Client TCP/13724
Master Server Client TCP/13782
Master Server VcenterTCP/443
Media serverMaster serverTCP/1556
Media serverMaster serverTCP/13724
Media serverMedia serverTCP/13724
Media serverMedia serverTCP/1556
Media serverclientTCP/1556
Media serverclientTCP/13724
Media serverclientTCP/13782
Media serverMSDP serverTCP/10102
Media serverMSDP serverTCP/10082
Media serverOSTTCP/2049, 2052
Media serverOSTTCP/111
Media serverESXTCP/902
Client Master serverTCP/1556
Client Master serverTCP/13724
Client Media serverTCP/1556
Client Media serverTCP/111
Client Media serverTCP/7394
Client Media serverTCP/13724
Client MSDP serverTCP/10102
Client MSDP serverTCP/10082

Level 6
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management ports
1556,13724,443,10102,111 and 13782 for older clients

Data ports
2049,2051,2052,7394,1556,13724,902.10082 and 13782 for older clients

note. port 111 is TCP/UDP not only TCP



Hello StefanosM,

What does older client means here?

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netbackup 6.5, 7, 7.5 ....

if you do not have 6.5 or 7 you do not need 13782

Thank you,

and port 7394 is only used for GRT right, and if we are not using this port then we can skip this

Also port 443 can be considered as a data port if we are using (VIP)

Also port 1556 comes under management port and data port list too, this port is used as both ( management and data ports?)

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port 7394 is used like NFS and it is for GRT (exchange,AD ) and for vmware instant restores.

I do not think that 443 is data port, unless you are using cloud.

1556 is used for both data and metadata

Thank you much,

Last--- is port 10102 can be considered as data port as well management port as this port is used for duplication and deduplication.

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10102 is the NetBackup Deduplication Manager (spad) port and it is for metadata.
10082 is the NetBackup Deduplication Engine (spoold) port and it is data port.

Both ports may transfer a significant amount of data, but the backup traffic uses 10082.

What do you want to accomplish with such details?