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Netbackup replication throughput rate

Hello Experts,

We are having two sites (DC & DR). We are replicating the data from DC to DR through NetBackup AIR. Since Netbackup is doing optimised replication, we are not abel to fetch exactly how much data is being sent to DR after deduplication. We would like to know is there any way to fetch this detail and whether it can be automated.

We have 1 Master & 1 Media server.
Netbackup Version: 8.1

We have only master and version is 8.1

We have opscenter and version is 8.1


Regards,... David Vinsten S

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Re: Netbackup replication throughput rate

Use can use two inputs to feed in to a script (that you will have to write).

1) bperror -s info -dt 6 | find "PDDO"

...the sixth field of this will be the job ID, the rest of the line contains details re volume of data, and actual sent and dedupe rate...


2) bpdbjobs -most_columns -file jobs.mst

...which is a structured list (see documentation for the structure).


Using these you can pick out the import jobs and then do various reporting as you see fit e.g.

totals by client name, by client type, by policy name, by policy type, by date, by session, by date-range, by week, by hour, etc.