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New - NetBackup 5250 Appliances

Level 2
Overview: VERITAS NetBackup 5250 Appliance.

VERITAS NetBackup Appliances integrate multiple components into a single converged device, streamlining management, operation and support—and saving you money and critical IT resources.

Tight integration with NetBackup software gives a way to cut costs and remove complexity across the entire organization and edge locations.

The Veritas Appliances are Industry’s first Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA).
NetBackup 5250 Appliance is a consolidated and converged hardware and software server - storage system that can scale to 429.4 TiB of available backup capacity.

It consists of a Veritas 5250 Appliance and up to six optional Veritas 2U12 65.5TiB/72TB storage shelves. By itself, the 2U Veritas 5250 Appliance offers internal storage from 9.1 TiB to 36.4 TiB, depending on the appliance configuration purchased. As with previous generations of the NetBackup 52xx appliances, the Veritas 5250 Appliance can be configured as a master server or a media server. It can also be configured as both master as well as media server.

The best in class with most cost effective TCO.