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No ISO choice in boot menu


I'm reimaging an NBU 5230 appliance and have the ISO on a USB drive. I have put the USB into the back of the appliance but when the boot menu comes up (after an F6), it doesnt list a CDROM but just the USB drive, amongst the RAID controller and the EFI option.  I try to boot the USB anyway but it then tells me its an unrecognised filesystem and dumps me into the grub rescue prompt.

I download the ISO direct from fileconnect and when I check the ISO on a MAC or PC it looks fine.

Any ideas? Do I need to do something else to the ISO or anything in the boot menu of the appliance?

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Hello   HAve you tried doing



HAve you tried doing it across the LAN? Try this method (might take a bit longer)



Just putting an ISO on a USB

Just putting an ISO on a USB drive doesn't make it bootable and recognizable as an ISO bootable device. You need a device that looks like a virtual CDROM.  

There are utilities on the net that can make a USB key look like a CDROM device and load an ISO, or you can burn the ISO to a disc and use a USB DVD drive, or you can as Riaan suggests, use the IPMI redirection funciton to mount the ISO over IPMI.  There are also hard drive cases that have a CDROM virtualization capability that allow you to put ISO files on them and boot from them.

To boot directly from a USB key without the CDROM emulation, you need the keys that came with the appliance, which are built with IMG files and made bootable.


Thanks All. I attached the

Thanks All. I attached the ISO at the IPMI window. It was a firewall in the way that prevented me from doing so.


How was your experience?  Did

How was your experience?  Did it perform adequately?