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Problem with first login into https://appliance/webui/login

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I'm new in Netbackup, so I want to test NetBackup Virtual Appliance combined master and media server.

I have done all step by step: - I run this OVA: NetBackup_VA_ROBO_VMware_GUI_3.3.0.1_EN.ova.

Next I made this:

And I thought, that in point 7 is error. I need change default password for user: nbasecadmin, because I can't login into webui:

"You cannot access the NetBackup web UI until you have changed the nbasecadmin user password."

Unfortunately I got an error: "[Error] Password change for user 'nbasecadmin' is not allowed." (in attachment)

I try login into system with user name nbasecadmin, with default P@ssw0rd, and after login I got info, that I must change my default password, so I do it, and got error (in attachment):

"Authentication token manipulation error".

And I've an impact. I can't change password for user nbasecadmin, and I can't login into webpage appliance/webui/login.

What I make wrong?

Thank You very much for your any help.


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Certificate issues are often related to issues with the "clock" I can see from yout screenshot that the date is out...  Maybe you can set the date / time to be correct and try again?

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In my case I just updated password for nbasecadmin from elevated mode. And everything (website) worked for me.