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Reimage 5240 nbu 3.1.2 appliance

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Hi Guys,


Can you hep me on the issue after we reimage the 5240 appliance 3.1.2.

We directly loogin to veritas optimized OS. 2.3.2

Is anyone here experience not successful reimage of nbu appliance version 3.1.2?

Do I use to reimage it by using 3.1.1 the upgrade it to 3.1.2? Is this more convinient?


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As long as the supplied/given appliance version is supported on the supplied/given hardware model  then a full re-image should always work, no matter what the original version was.

IMO if the re-image has failed then your only options are :

1) try the re-image again

2) contact Veritas Support


BTW - no, normally one would not use a re-image to simply upgrade - not unless you deliberatly want to loose all or most settings and backup data.  For an upgrade where settings and backup data are retained one would follow the documentation for an in-situ upgrade.

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@jjimenez2 I did encountered that too when I tried reimaging using 3.1.2 on USB stick. What I did was download another copy of the 3.1.2 installer and used that as ISO. Boom.. that I found out that the installer on the USB stick has been corrupted.