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Replication does not work

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Replication does not work, when you enter credentials in storage server it does not accept them, the credentials are correct. The replication is from a nbu 7.7.3 ---> to a 8.1.2, both puredisk ... I have an error 1528, if I try the replication (test) in reverse 8.1.2 ---> to nbu 7.7. 3 gives me the same error. SLP with identical names, I have tried everything but does not accept replication ... any help I will appreciate it.


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Well, I had absolutely no problem at all getting several v2.7.3 to replicate to several v8.1.1, and v8.1.1 to v8.1.1.

So, unless you have discovered a new bug with v8.1.2... then all I can think of is that something is amiss with your environment.  But, you've not described your setup in any detail at all, so there's not a lot anyone can offer right now... except perhaps to suggest that you could open a support ticket.

The first thing that I would check is... are the required network ports open in each direction?


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These are my notes from previous AIR config - all worked fine:

  • Open Host Properties on both masters.
  • In Properties for the Master, Select Servers -> Additional Servers
    Add remote master server name
  • Select Servers -> Trusted Master Servers
    Add remote master server name and credentials for User name of the remote master server with password that does not expire. Click OK.
  • On Source Master:
    In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand Media and Device Management > Credentials > Storage Server.
  • Select the MSDP storage server.
  • On the Edit menu, select Change.
  • In the Change Storage Server dialog box, select the Replication
  • Click Add. The Add a Replication Target Across a Different NetBackup Domain dialog box appears.
  • In the Target master server drop-down list, select Add a new trusted master server.
  • Complete the fields, including dedupe user name and password. Click OK.


There are some additional notes in NBU Admin Guide regarding AIR between 8.1 and pre-8.1 environments.
Please have a look to see what additional steps are needed.
My config was between 2 new 8.0 NBU domains.

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Are you trying to replicate from MSPD to MSDP? The error you get stands for

perror -S 1528
The source copy for an Auto Image Replication is not capable of replication
The storage lifecycle policy (SLP) definition cannot be created or modified as specified because you have selected an Auto Image Replication destination that duplicates a copy not capable of duplication across master servers.

Can you please share such outputs from source and destination domains?

nbstl -L

bpstulist -U

nbdevconfig -getconfig -stype PureDisk -storage_server `hostname` -U

nbdevquery -listdp -U

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Have you seen attempts to assist? 

Marianne, I followed all the advice and I surfed for weeks on the internet looking for a solution, I realized that my deduplication discs are local, they do not come from a storage (netapp or others), I see that the subject should go there. I have already stopped replicating because in reality according to my requirements and my current scenario is not necessary. In the same way I appreciate all the comments :)

 HI, my main problem is that it does not accept the storage server password in neither origin nor destination, therefore I can only create the import slp, not the replication slp. Anyway, I enclose all the exits of the commands that you mention, hopefully you will find something that I forgot :(

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Should not there be root user??

This is your NBU installaiton or NBU appliance?

both are masters windows origin 7.7.3 destination 8.1.2, both users are admin, the credentials of the storage server do not accept them (the credentials are correct since I have backup of all my keys), I just realized that by doing a telnet between both the port 10101 is not open, seeing in the firewall I have all the rules without restrictions but still there is no communication, I think that could be the problem.

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Well I am not aware of 10101 port... IMHO it is 10102 ;) for spad and 10082 for spoold

Please refer to this guide for more information...

and yes check with your network folks...

also when testing this you can run on your master

netstat -bano

to see via which ports it is trying to get into the remote nbu domain...

Thanks a lot quebek i will try this