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Storage SanityCheck ( How to reset )

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I want to reset the storage can any one help me when i open the webconsole and i try to reset storage i got this message 


login as: admin
admin@'s password:
Last login: Thu Dec 26 14:02:24 2019 from 

Appliance Manage master and media appliances.
Exit Log out and exit from the current shell.
Manage Manage NetBackup appliance.
Monitor Monitor NetBackup appliance activities.
Network Network Administration.
Reports Examine the running and historical state of the host.
Settings Change NetBackup appliance settings.
Shell Shell operations.
Support NetBackup Support.

host.Main_Menu> Support
Entering NetBackup support view...

Checkpoint Appliance Checkpoint Management.
Cleanup Clean or reset specific appliance monitoring data.
Collect Collect appliance details and transmit to Veritas.
DataCollect Gather device logs.
Disk Gather disk information.
Errors Display NetBackup errors.
Exit Log out and exit from the current shell.
FactoryReset Reset this system to factory install image
FibreTransport Advanced settings.
InfraServices Show/control infrastructure services.
iostat Execute the iostat command.
IPMI Remote management port configuration.
KillRemoteCall Terminate running or hung remote calls on peer compute nodes.
Logs Set level, share, unshare, view, and upload debug logs.
Maintenance Launch maintenance shell.
Messages Display the messages file.
NBDNA Network traces with NBDNA tool (Select Create or Remove).
Nbperfchk Execute the disk IO or network bandwidth check.
NBSU Manage NetBackup support data files (Select Create or Remove).
Processes Show/control NetBackup and Admin Console processes.
Reboot Reboot the system.
RecoverStorage View or delete directories backed up during appliance re-image.
Return Return to the previous menu.
Service Service management.
Shell Shell operations.
Show Display information.
Shutdown Power off the system.
Storage Storage data and configuration
Test Test the current status of various appliance components.

host.Support> Storage SanityCheck          


How to removed SanityCheck ??? 

i want to reset storage 


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Maybe you are looking for the process of how to restore / reset to factory :