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Storage problem Appliance 3.0

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Dear all,

We are having some problem with our Netbackup Appliance 5230.

Many of the backups jobs are failing with the errors:

1: (84) media write error
2: (129) Disk storage unit is full

When we check the appliance web console in the home page I see:

Storage: 12207.02GB (87%) used and 1762.78 (13%) available
Current deduplication ration: 92.45%

but if I check the disk command I got the next:

- [Info] Performing sanity check on disks and partitions... (5 mins approx)
Disk ID                    | Type   | Total      | Unallocated | Status
5E000000000000000000000000 | System |  930.39 GB |        -    | n/a
7A3C81A0001B8FC4F4FEE17E71 | Base   |   13.64 TB |    10.80 GB | In Use

Partition         | Total      | Available  | Used       | %Used | Status
AdvancedDisk      | 250 GB     | 247.97 GB  | 2.03 GB    | 1     | Optimal
Configuration     | 100 GB     | 89.17 GB   | 10.83 GB   | 11    | Optimal
MSDP              | 13 TB      | 1.15 TB    | 11.85 TB   | 92    | Optimal
MSDP Catalog      | 47 GB      | 45.41 GB   | 1.59 GB    | 4     | Optimal
NetBackup Catalog | 250 GB     | 191.83 GB  | 58.17 GB   | 24    | Optimal
Share             | 0 GB       | 0 GB       | 0 GB       | 0     | Not Configured
Unallocated       | 10.8 GB    | -          | -          | -     | -

So I'm confused about how many space is really available.

I also checked the filesystem and found

                       13T   12T  1.2T  92% /msdp/data/dp1/pdvol

This drive is 92% full, I checked and the /msdp/data/dp1/pdvol/data directory is using 12TB, I guess all backup images are stored on these folder but when I list by date I saw some old directories dated since 2015-2018, and from 2019 since january. The retention of all backups are not older than 2 months.

Do you know is its possible to remove those old directories and keep only the ones from the last 2 months? and why are not being deleted after expiration.


Appliance Version: 3.0
NetBackup Version: 8.0

In other post I read that we can run the garbage collector, but the command crcollect is not found in our system.

Thanks in advance for any help on this, please exuse me if I have some error describint the issue but I'm new on Netbackup.







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Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT manually delete ANYTHING under /msdp.

It is perfectly normal to see older folders - when images expire, only unique data is removed. Any data that is referenced by newer backups are left in place. 

If you suspect orphaned images, please see these related posts:

The process for checking for orphan images is an internal tool and requires a support call. (Which would then result in the bpstsinfo and require manual PO removal on images determined to be orphaned.)

Thank you for your answer @Marianne .

Do you know if there is a way to know which backup images are using most of the space?


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The only way that I can think is to run 'Images on Disk' for the relevant DiskPool. 

Please take note that you may not win much spce by expiring a few large images because of image dependancies. 

As explained in this TN:  

The data removal process with NetBackup deduplication technologies (NetBackup Media Server Deduplication and PureDisk Deduplication) is different from the data removal process for standard NetBackup disk types (AdvancedDisk and BasicDisk).
With standard disk types there is a 1:1 mapping between the image record in the NetBackup catalog and the backup image on disk. When the image record expires, the backup image is removed.
With deduplication, as multiple references are linked to the same content, the removal process is run in multiple transactions, leading to a delay between the expiration of the backup image and the storage reclamation.
Best is to have a good look at your environment and identify backup types that not dedupe well. Dedupe rates can be seen for each job in Activity Monitor. 

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Well you will not be able to use whole capacity from File System as MSDP is always having reserved space.

To check how much it is in your configuration run this command

nbdevconfig -getconfig -storage_server `hostname` -stype PureDisk -U 

look for the  "Storage Pool Reserved Space" line...