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Symantec 5000 Appliance Configuration

Level 5

I am currently in the process of configuring 4 NBU 5000 appliances - 2 x 2 Node Configurations.  The first 2 appliances (1 x 2 Node Config) were done today, and following this I have some questions. 

The following is the chain of events I followed:

1. I attached to each of the 5000 appliances in turn and upgraded the code to 1.2

2. I attached to appliance 1 and went through the network configuration to set the IP address on eth1/NIC2 (I was attached to eth0/NIC1 on

3. I attached to appliance 2 and went through the network configuration to set the IP address on eth1/NIC2 (I was attached to eth0/NIC1 on

4. I attached to appliance 1 via the newly assigned production IP address on eth1/NIC2 and went through the Storage Pool configuration

   I could see appliance 1 in the main part of the screen, and appliance 2 in the 'discovered' nodes at the top of the screen

   I set the FQDN on appliance 1 (left appliance 2 alone, didn't add it to the config at this stage) and continued through the configuration

   Configuration completed OK

5. I went back into the Storage Pool Configuration (still on appliance 1) and selected appliance 2 to be included in the config

   (I didn't set the FQDN on appliance 2 as when I did this previously everything went wrong with the second node getting the same name as the original  

   node, and all sorts of other issues relating to IP addresses / names etc.)

   Appliance 2 added successfully to the config, but it has added with its IP address as the FQDN


This is how the config has currently been left.  As the primary node (SPA) has a correct FQDN am I OK to continue in this manner, or should the second appliance have its own FQDN ?

Secondly - the last of the 4 NIC's does not appear to be active (no link light) on either of the appliances.  I have tested the cable / switch port to which they are attached and they are all good.  How do I check the status / activate the NIC.  (It is the bottom one of the 2 on the PCI card, is this eth2 or eth3 ?). 

Thirdly - I am still unsure as to how exactly to go about bonding the NIC's.  I want to bond eth1 / eth2 / eth3 together in a load balancing mode.  I thought that the following would achieve this:

Logon to appliance as sysadmin

Go to network menu

Enter the following:  bonding enable nodeip lbalance-alb eth1 eth2 eth3   (where nodeip is the IP address of my node already configured in the initial network configuration)

This didn't work for me (but I didn't spend too much time fuguring out why).  I have only currently configured eth1 (NIC2) with the production IP address - and this is where I attached to run the storage pool configuration.

Any pointers here....

Finally - after I have completed all of the configuration (Network / Storage Pool) I cannot logon to the appliance as sysadmin (via Putty).  It appears the password is incorrect.  Does this password get changed during config or the user get disabled ?


Is the above approach OK or have I missed something ?


Any input appreciated,



Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified

Hey Mate...


I experienced the same with 1.2.

I flushed the config to the factory defaults (using USB), applied the 1.2b and found that password were unchanged... (root/root)

Check this: P@ssw0rd or P@ssword