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Tech refresh for Media Server Appliance 5230 to 5240

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Hi all experts,

I have a customer who planning to perform tech refresh for their Veritas Media Server Appliances from 5230 to 5240.

The requirements from customer is convert all the current configuration (hostname, IP addresses, OST mount point) from 5230 to 5240.

So basically it was like one to one swap scenario, by bringing down the 5230, and bring up the 5240.

The current NetBackup version running on Master Server is 8.1.2, and Appliances are running on 8.1.2, and 8.1.1

i would like seeking for your advise see who has done. The similar migration before can share the checklist document for reference

Best Regards,

Eric Wong


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Simplest easiest approach is...

1) keep existing master, and keep existing media server 5230 appliances online (for now)

2) add new media server 5240 appliances to estate with new IP addresses in same subnets as existing 5230 appliances, and test backups

3) simply re-point all SLPs (and backup policies if required) to use new storage-units of new media server 5240 appliances

4) wait for all content of all 5230 appliances to expire

5) decommisison the now empty 5230 appliances

No mess, no fuss, no hassle, no migrations required, no duplications required, no complicated reconfiguration required, no scripting, no hacking.   And all prior existing backup data always remains available for immediate restore.

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Do you have capacity based licensing, or traditional server and client based licensing?

If capacity based licensing - then you have no issues, because your migration won't be increasing your quantity of "front-end TB" protected data - and front-end capacity based licensing allows you to spin up as many masters, medias, servers, clients, pools, libraries, drives, storage-units, retentions, copies, and on-prem locations as you wish.

But if you have traditional server and client based licensing, then you need to be a bit cuter.  Fair use licensing allows you to migrate from one appliance (server) to another appliance (server) but does not allow you to use both for "backup and restore" at the same time for an extended period of time.  For example, if you have three old 5230 appliances named oldA, oldB and oldC - and you have three new as yet unused 5240 appliances named newA, newB, and newC... then when migrating your "business protection" from appliance oldA to newA then you need to migrate the SLPs and backup policies for that appliance oldA in one go, or quite quickly, e.g. with a few days/weeks.  Remember, fair use will let you retain the old backups on oldA until they naturally expire, this is fair use.  But fair use does not allow you to use both oldA and newA both as backup targets for any extended period of time.