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The difference between Quick Erase and Label...

Level 3

Hello I have a 5240 appliance and the version is

What I'm curious about is the difference between Quick Erase and Label.

can anyone explain?


Level 6

Hi @melmel_bk 

The label command is used to write the initial header (label) on the tape for new media. It can be used to re-label a tape as well (for instance if the barcode is changed or otherwise is a mismatch with the media - note the check box to not verify any existing label for this case). 

The quick erase command is typeically used to write a tape EOF marker after the label (so the tape must already be labelled) to make the remaining contents inacessible (or to be correct more difficult to access - with the right tools and understanding the some of the data can still extracted). 

Hope this helps

Thanks for your answer.

More questions arose only before.

What is the difference between quick erase and media label?

With both commands, media used in Full will have 0 Kilobytes.