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Unable to connect to Master server thru Administration Console

Level 4

Netbackup appliance 5240 running 3.1.2

Trying to connect to the master server via the Administrator Console and get this error:

Unable to login, status:7656 The revocation status of the host certificate cannot be verified using the Certificate Revocation List because CRL is not updated. It is older than seven days.

So I went into the appliance and issued the nbcertcmd -getCRL command and receive:

Failed to fetch security level for NBUxxx.  8500: Connection with web service was not established. Failed to fetch certificate revocation list for NBUxxx: 8500: Connection with the web service was not established.  EXIT STATUS 5978: Attempt to refresh certificate revocation list failed.

I have confirmed that the Web service is running.  


How can I get this certificate renew so that I can log in using the administration Console?


Level 4

It appears that the Netbackup Web management Console service is not starting and when I issue the command to start it I get this error:

Starting Netbackup Web Management Console could take a couple of minutes. . . . .. 

NetBackup Web management Console not started.

I am not sure why this is not starting.  Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

Hi @bcsupport 

There are ways to troubleshoot this, but your best option is to log a case with support.

If WMC is not running then a lot of others things which depend on it won't work either.


Level 4

Unfortunately this version of netbackup(8.1.2) is no longer being supported and I am unable to log a call with support.  So what we are trying to do is backup one of our old machines with this offsite appliance that we don't really use so that we can then upgrade the appliance that we are using to 9.1.  Can you help with troubleshooting why I cant connect to the administration console on this appliance?

Hi @bcsupport 

There are a number of articles that describe similar problems to what you are encountering - do a search for the string you encounter and start there. 

The first log files to check are the nbwebservice (/usr/openv/logs/nbwebservice), and also the logs in /usr/openv/wmc/webserver/logs. 

The nbwmc startup process is a shell script - you can try debugging that and see where it is failing.  

Beyond that version 8.1.2 is in extended support phase, so you should be able to pay extra to get support on the old version. 

Another option depending on what is currently on the appliance may be to re-image and start afresh.